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    LAN Messenger: Share Your Files With Multiple Users In No Time

    LAN messenger, an intranet chat application, enhances the world of internal workplace communication, connecting employees quickly, safely, and efficiently, even when some of them are not at their desks. Unlike the widely used online messengers or email susceptible to external unauthorized access or virus attacks, LAN messenger will effectively safeguard sensitive correspondence. All messages exchanged within your local network will be encrypted and never accessed from elsewhere, which  resolves a fundamental issue in the workplace today – data protection. This software is in many respects superior to ordinary email systems, requiring no server and offering a range of widely useful features. These include group chat rooms, PC-to-PC messaging, and drag-and-drop file transfer, to name just a few. With LAN messenger installed, you may send out notifications to individual colleagues or staff groups, and exchange files and folders with colleagues smoothly and in no time. Moreover, this system includes so-called “broadcast messaging”, allowing users to send the files out to several contacts at once. Let’s look at ways this feature may be accessed.

    What broadcast file transfer is

    Broadcast file transfer means that a file or folder is sent out to multiple users at the same time. It is a recently added LAN messenger feature, which was first introduced in the summer of 2018. This innovation has made it possible for users to make such transfers, in addition to receiving them. Within your local network, broadcast file transfer may be done in two ways – via group conversations or broadcast messages.

    Using broadcast messages

    Here, start by selecting the contact group that you wish to share your files with. Files or even folders from your PC are attached quickly and easily. Simply drag and drop them onto the message window, enter your text and hit “send”. Before your message is sent, you may always manage the exact list of recipients by using a special panel in the opening window. With broadcast file transfer, you may attach as many files and folders as you wish, and the progress of your transfer may be monitored in the same window. Once all the files have been sent, it will close automatically. Alternatively, you may close the window and leave the transfer running in the background.

    Using group conversations

    Start by selecting the first user and invite others to join your conversation. Next, just like with files in broadcast messages, drag and drop them onto the opening window. Once it is done, all the members of your conversation will receive your transfer immediately.

    Thus, as you may see, broadcast file transfer is an important new feature that saves users’ time by allowing files to be shared with multiple people in a matter of seconds. However, it is just one of the benefits of LAN messaging systems. Hassle-free and easy to use, they offer numerous other advantages. By accelerating and streamlining internal correspondence while protecting sensitive data, LAN messengers bring vast improvements to staff communication overall.

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    LAN messaging: group your contacts by department easily

    LAN messenger, an application for your office intranet, or local network, will streamline the flow of information within the workplace. Connecting all employees, it enables broadcast messages and file transfers, speeding up blogsdna.com LAN messengercommunication and increasing its efficiency. Now, files and folders may be sent to multiple colleagues at once, and group chat rooms allow you to reach out to all members of your department in no time. Furthermore, all of these features guarantee enhanced security, as no message will ever leave your local network, and unauthorized external access is no longer a concern.  All these benefits make LAN messenger superior to conventional alternatives, such as email, with their file size restrictions and exposure to virus threats. It also offers contact management features which enable you to structure your contact tree according to the departmental structure. This makes finding users on the list much easier.

    How to group users in LAN messenger

    Once you install the messenger, all the users will be found in the default General group. Any new ungrouped contacts will also be automatically added to the General group. Right-click on the group to view your options. You may select the following:

    • Add New Group – click it, enter a name for your new group and click the “OK” button.
    • Rename Group – click it, enter a new name in the opening box, and click the “OK” button.
    • Delete Group – click it and then select “Yes” in the opening box. It is only possible to delete groups containing no users.  
    • Move Group Up/Move Group Down – click to move a group within the list.


    Thus, you may easily add, modify, name and rename your contact groups in accordance with your corporate organigram or your own preferences. For example, your groups may include “Management”, “Sales team”, “HR team” and “Support Team” and any other departments. Whenever an employee receives a transfer to another department, they may be easily added to their new department group. There are two ways to do this. First, by dragging and dropping, you may easily move users between different groups. Secondly, you may choose to right-click this user and select the “Move user to” option. 

    The benefits

    Contact grouping makes communication faster and more convenient. With such features as broadcast messaging and broadcast file transfer, LAN messenger allows you to contact the whole department or selected departments at once. In addition to plain text messages, you may easily send files or even folders to multiple users at the same time. Naturally, this saves time. However, it also eliminates the hassle of email attachments while ensuring data security.