• Security

    Information Storage On Special Server With Lan Messengers


    If you have done your research on the most secure and trustworthy communication solutions, you must have encountered such term as a LAN messenger https://www.lanmessenger.net. Apart from being widely used in corporate world, it also becomes a more efficient solution for companies of any size and sphere owing to its security and data encryption. Therefore, in this article we will talk more about other unique features business messenger has to offer you.

    First of all, let us define the meaning of LAN messenger. This is an instant messaging tool allowing members of the same local area network to communicate without an active Internet connection. Thus, one becomes capable of sending messages to his or her peer independently of the Internet disruptions. Secondly, this corporate instant messenger enables one to avoid wasting time on unimportant communications with friends outside work.

  • Remote access

    LAN Messenger: Share Your Files With Multiple Users In No Time


    LAN messenger, an intranet chat application, enhances the world of internal workplace communication, connecting employees quickly, safely, and efficiently, even when some of them are not at their desks. Unlike the widely used online messengers or email susceptible to external unauthorized access or virus attacks, LAN messenger will effectively safeguard sensitive correspondence. All messages exchanged within your local network will be encrypted and never accessed from elsewhere, which  resolves a fundamental issue in the workplace today – data protection. This software is in many respects superior to ordinary email systems, requiring no server and offering a range of widely useful features. These include group chat rooms, PC-to-PC messaging, and drag-and-drop file transfer, to name just a few. With LAN messenger installed, you may send out notifications to individual colleagues or staff groups, and exchange files and folders with colleagues smoothly and in no time. Moreover, this system includes so-called “broadcast messaging”, allowing users to send the files out to several contacts at once. Let’s look at ways this feature may be accessed.

  • Group Messaging

    LAN messaging: group your contacts by department easily


    LAN messenger, a messaging app for PC and intranet, or local network, will streamline the flow of information within the workplace. Connecting all employees, it enables broadcast messages and file transfers, speeding up blogsdna.com LAN messengercommunication and increasing its efficiency. Now, files and folders may be sent to multiple colleagues at once, and group chat rooms allow you to reach out to all members of your department in no time. Furthermore, all of these features guarantee enhanced security, as no message will ever leave your local network, and unauthorized external access is no longer a concern.  All these benefits make LAN messenger superior to conventional alternatives, such as email, with their file size restrictions and exposure to virus threats. It also offers contact management features that enable you to structure your contact tree according to the departmental structure. This makes finding users on the list much easier.

  • Group Messaging

    Fast Group Texting for Big Corporations


    How can you send a personalized message to twelve people all at once if it is an intra-office communication? Can you somehow personalize a message without sending it to each person in your work chat or without spending hours typing the same message twelve times in a row in a private chat? Should you send via a regular text messenger, e-mail, or Skype? What if your message won’t be seen immediately and will be ignored by co-workers?

    If you need an effective online communication between several departments or employees at once, you need something different than a regular email or Skype. If it is a big corporation, you need a lan messenger, which is a secure messaging application, created for big office spaces and corporations specifically.