Information Storage On Special Server With Lan Messengers


If you have done your research on the most secure and trustworthy communication solutions, you must have encountered such term as a LAN messenger Apart from being widely used in corporate world, it also becomes a more efficient solution for companies of any size and sphere owing to its security and data encryption. Therefore, in this article we will talk more about other unique features business messenger has to offer you.

First of all, let us define the meaning of LAN messenger. This is an instant messaging tool allowing members of the same local area network to communicate without an active Internet connection. Thus, one becomes capable of sending messages to his or her peer independently of the Internet disruptions. Secondly, this corporate instant messenger enables one to avoid wasting time on unimportant communications with friends outside work.

How Are Data Stored In Lan Messenger

When it comes to a more in-depth understanding of how the whole network messaging system operated, a question on how data is stored within it is likely to arise. To answer that, let us look at how the message transfer happens. Firstly, each message gets encrypted, then it is being sent via the network and arrives to the addressee. Upon receiving the message one can save it locally or to a network share thus being able to reach it anytime when required.

Here are some other vital features making download messenger a must-have tool for internal corporate communications:

  • secured data exchange: given that data is being transferred exclusively within the participants of the one local area network, a risk of external data theft or leak is becoming significantly low. Moreover, when it comes to message, they are also encrypted with a special sophisticated encryption system being AES-256;
  • instant file sharing: when using office messenger there is no need for a third party being a data storage. This means that now you can simply drag and drop the file into the message window instead of going to the data storage, extracting the data from there and only then sending it to the addressee, often in form of a link, so that he or she also has to do unnecessary steps;
  • remote desktop control: when support of a systems administrator is needed right here and right now, there is no better solution than a remote access.

To sum it up, LAN messenger becomes one of the most efficient communication tools nowadays and therefore has to be implemented more often.