Group Messaging

Fast Group Texting for Big Corporations


How can you send a personalized message to twelve people all at once if it is an intra-office communication? Can you somehow personalize a message without sending it to each person in your work chat or without spending hours typing the same message twelve times in a row in a private chat? Should you send via a regular text messenger, e-mail, or Skype? What if your message won’t be seen immediately and will be ignored by co-workers?

If you need an effective online communication between several departments or employees at once, you need something different than a regular email or Skype. If it is a big corporation, you need a lan messenger, which is a secure messaging application, created for big office spaces and corporations specifically.

Business Messenger for Big Companies

You might need a corporate instant messenger if you work in a big office, which has more than three or four departments that have to cooperate and communicate with each other regularly. But it has to be a secure messaging service, which you can fully rely on. That’s why a LAN messenger service is recommended for bigger companies, that are more vulnerable to hacker attacks and require more expenses when it comes to cybersecurity.

With a LAN messenger, every message in the chat window is encrypted, thus it can’t be read by anyone else except the employees. Encryption is what allows you and your co-workers to discuss any corporate information safely online. Your online office chat becomes a place where you can discuss strategies for the next months, offer new ideas and visions of running the business, and so on.

What advantages does this network messaging application have over other similar programs?

  • First of all, it is about safety as we have already mentioned above. Encryption is the biggest advantage this particular office messenger offers. Share company-related information and any work-related files without being afraid the chat can be hacked and sensitive information can be stolen.
  • Secondly, it is about effectiveness. Lan chat saves a lot of time. As you can share important information with other co-workers in seconds without the need to send that information separately to each person. You can even organize online meetings by creating chat windows depending on the departments you want to discuss a particular question with. For example, create a chat for the management and sales teams at the same time just by moving the names of the co-workers with a mouse.
  • One more reason to pick this service is the simplicity of the interface. Even if you are not a computer geek or you don’t use Skype on a daily basis, you can easily figure out how lan messenger works within a few minutes only. Another important thing is that you have both iOS and windows messenger versions. You can even install it on Android.
  • What’s more interesting is that you can even send lan message if the person you’re sending the message to is offline at the moment. Your text won’t be lost. The correspondence will be saved and the other person will read it the moment he/she will be online.

A professional office texting service is not about online texting only. It is a place where employees can discuss any sensitive work-related information and share important business files. So, definitely download messenger now to see how easy and convenient online communication can be at work.